Highlights of Yellow Couriers at the HRIA state meeting night

Yellow Couriers had the privilege of sponsoring an event hosted by the Hire & Rental Industry Association Queensland Committee. Held at the new Conplant facility in Luscombe on April 23rd, the evening’s event drew over fifty industry professionals from far and wide across the country, all of whom were excited to share their insights and connect with others.

With delicious catering provided by the London Spuds food truck, the event kicked off with a tour of Conplant's impressive new offices, followed by insightful updates from the industry's state and national leaders – which included Winch Hire, LinCon Hire & Sales, and other major players in the Australian hire and rental industry. Yellow Couriers has the pleasure of closing out the night by discussing our dedication to reliable and transparent services, our company ethos and history, and our successful delivery rates. 

The feedback from current customers was hugely positive and sparked a great discussion about our business model and the difference in our service provisions. The questions from attendees really demonstrated a keen interest in how Yellow Couriers distinguishes itself in such a competitive market of our peers.

We thank the HRIA, Conplant, and all the attendees for a memorable night for inviting us to be such an integral part of a gathering that not only allowed us to share the Yellow Couriers point of difference, but also to connect with our industry community in a meaningful way.