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Medical Courier | Medical Equipment Delivery Brisbane

Our medical couriers know that when it comes to delivering medical equipment on time, it can be a matter of life or death. You can count on us to get your supplies there within the hour, guaranteed.

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Our urgent medical courier service is tailored to help individuals or healthcare institutions. We ensure safe and speedy delivery for specimens, vaccines, medicines, equipment and other general medical supplies. Due to the sensitive nature of these materials, we’ve implemented strict protocols to guarantee the secure handling of all pickups and deliveries. Your medical cargo is in safe hands with Yellow Couriers.


Trust Brisbane’s #1 Medical Couriers. Your health, wellbeing and peace of mind is our top priority at all times.

Bulky Medical Equipment

Our platinum-level, diverse fleet can handle all types of large, awkward freight with ease, keeping your sensitive, fragile goods safe and sound.

Time Critical Medical Supplies

We understand the stress and anxiety associated with urgent medical courier services. You can count on us to deliver your supplies within the hour, guaranteed.

Patient at Home Care Deliveries

From dialysis system equipment to daily living aids, trust Yellow Couriers to expertly move your crucial patient care equipment.

Brisbane First-choice
Medical Courier

Our drivers are professional, prompt and fully trained to get your medical equipment and supplies from A to B in record time. Our key customers include:

• Individuals
• Schools
• Healthcare Providers
• Public and Private Hospitals
• Manufacturing and Mining Firms
• Research Organisations

Not sure if you qualify? Call the Yellow Couriers team on 131770 within office hours Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm, Saturday 7am to 12pm.

For fast medical courier quotes and bookings, simply submit a form online. We will respond to you within 30 minutes (during business hours).

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Average quote response time = 13 minutes

Our medical courier fleet

1 Tonne Van

  • One standard pallet or great for a load of loose items.
Total Transport Weight 1 Tonne
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2 Tonne Van

  • Perfect for up to 3 pallets
  • Large items travelling in enclosed vehicle
Total Transport Weight 2 Tonne
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1 Tonne Ute

  • 2 pallets in the tray.
  • Triple rack Utes can carry lengths up to 750cm (weight limits apply)
Total Transport Weight 1 Tonne
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Mini Trucks

  • Hold 3 pallets in the tray.
Total Transport Weight 1.6 Tonne
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  • Range of payload vehicles available from 5500kg to 14000kg
  • Carry lengths up to 9.5m and 14 pallets on tray.
  • Crane/ Hiab trucks available up to 1,000kg lifting capacity
  • Prime Mover or Curtain Side Truck available upon request
Total Transport Weight 14 Tonne
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  • Yellow Couriers have utes, vans and trucks with towing capacity up to 3.5 tonne
Total Transport Weight 3.5 Tonne
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What we've delivered

Light Tower from Darra to Rocklea

Portaloo from Archerfield to Logan

Generator from Stafford to Jindalee

Road Barriers from Salisbury to Marsden

Our service areas

We travel all over South-East Queensland with a specific focus on Brisbane suburbs. Our experienced drivers know these roads like the back of our hand, so you can rest easy knowing your medical equipment will arrive exactly where and when you need it.


Monday to Friday………………………………..6:00am and 6:00pm
Saturday………………………………………………7:00am to 12:00pm

Why you should go Yellow?

35+ Years Experience

Yellow has been a leading delivery partner since 1985, providing point-to-point taxi truck services for businesses around the globe.

Secure Handling

Our drivers treat your freight as if it were our own, handling it with the utmost respect and care.

Stress-Free Booking

We have a swift, easy, and hassle-free booking system, so you can get back to business quicker.

Same Hour Delivery

Got freight that can't wait? Don't settle for same day - we'll get it delivered within the hour, guaranteed!

Got freight that just can't wait?

At Yellow Couriers, we aren’t afraid of a challenge. So, if time’s critical – or your freight is just plain awkward, trust us to deliver!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right vehicle for my delivery?

If you are unsure which vehicle is best suited to your delivery, check out our vehicle guide or call our team on 131 770 to discuss.

Known for our diverse fleet fit for any job, we’re here to help you transport your goods in the most efficient, safe and cost-effective way. From vans and utes to truck and crane setups, we can transport anything up to 14 tonnes, whether it’s a small, single loose item, one or many pallets.

Do you offer different payment methods?

When you book via phone or through our online booking form, we will process your payment by credit card at that time. If you require regular deliveries, get in touch with us to learn about our trade account options.

To use our online booking system to arrange your delivery, get a quote here.

Do you offer trade accounts?

Our team is available to discuss a trade account for you within our office hours Monday to Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 7:00am to 12:00pm. Give us a call on 131 770.

What are Yellow Couriers’ hours of operation?

Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 12:00pm. Submit an enquiry or request a quote at any time via our website here. Our fleet can deliver 24/7.

What are Yellow Couriers’ Terms and Conditions?

Our full terms of service are available online here.

What are your delivery hours?

Our diverse fleet can deliver 24/7 and our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 12:00pm. Submit an enquiry or request a quote at any time via our website.

Do you provide tracking and updates for shipments?

At Yellow Couriers, we're committed to the concept of accountable automotive transportation and our chain of responsibility at every turn. Our tracking system shares a photo of your freight at pick-up and delivery for total peace of mind.

What types of automotive parts can you transport?

We are specialists in delivering awkward freight, including standard, fragile or emergency automotive parts (excluding dangerous goods). For example: 

  • Engine Components (camshafts, crankshafts, timing belts, valves, cylinder heads)
    • Transmission Parts (clutch assemblies, transmission control modules, shift solenoids)
    • Suspension and Steering Components (shock absorbers, control arms, tie rods, power steering pumps)
    • Electrical Components (wiring harnesses, sensors, ignition coils, alternators, starter motors)
    • Fuel System Parts (fuel injectors, pumps, pressure regulators)
    • Cooling System Parts (radiators, hoses, water pumps, thermostats
    • Exhaust System Parts (catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds, pipes and mufflers)
    • Fluids and Lubricants (engine oil, transmission fluid, cooler)
  • Body Panels, Trim and Tyres
  • Moulds and Tooling


How do you handle fragile or sensitive automotive parts?

When you entrust your fragile or sensitive automotive parts to us, rest assured they're in safe hands until they reach their destination. Our drivers are trained to handle and mitigate risks associated with transporting car and truck parts, ensuring they are collected, packed and ready to arrive intact and undamaged. 

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